Discover Solida, the new furniture line designed by 3D Beta

We designed the Solida line with the goal of meeting the needs of mechanical experts. Every detail is designed to simplify workflows and promote ergonomics. The standard composition (length 2250 millimeters) includes a service module with air reel, fixed 6- and 4-drawer drawer units, perforated tool-holder panels, wall units with doors and a central shelf. The worktop is 620 millimeters deep and is equipped with an oil/gasoline-resistant rubber mat and prepared for mounting the bench vise.

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    Technical Specifications

    The top is 630 millimeters deep and equipped with interlocking panels. The module is self-standing (does not require wall mounting). The addition of panels on the back side allows the module to be installed even in the middle of the room.

    The perforated panels are prepared for mounting electrical rack socket strips, both at the top and at the bottom (the panel is reversible)

    The workstation is ergonomically designed with a base recess and a 30-millimeters upper projection to accommodate foot space and ensure maximum comfort. It is possible to integrate LED lights on each module.

    We design your custom workshop_

    The Solida line in standard version is a starting point for creating a fully customized composition, ranging from a wide range of fixed and mobile modules to meet the different needs of Bike, Motorcycle and Car workshops. The structure can be painted in any RAL color, with a semi-gloss or matte finish.

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