Made in Italy Workshop Architecture

3D Beta – a Beta Utensili Spa Group company – is a new company dedicated to modern workshop architecture. We specialise in the study, design, production and installation of furnishings.

True “one-offs” or limited editions, objects dedicated to satisfying the imagination of collectors or complete the image of the affiliates of the top car and motorcycle manufacturers. We create high-end furnishings – aesthetic and functional – a fundamental element in the creation of environments that combine technical efficiency and the communication of the company’s core values.


Every project is developed, realized and meticulously cared in every detail at our headquarters in Italy.


We produce in Italy, at our new dedicated unit. From the metal sheet to the end product, under the continuous monitoring of our engineers. The recent acquisition of a powder painting plant increases the range of available solutions.


The concept of a modern garage is the perfect balance between functional environments and brand enhancement.


A single referent called to identify the best integrated solutions, ensures a high-quality standard and short development time.