Designing a functional workshop

Every company has specific needs that must first be understood and, subsequently, translated into a project.

Nowadays, the evolution of the market requires a different approach to the study, design, production and installation of a workshop.
Dedicated service areas are no longer a closed zone, restricted to useful mechanical activities.
The technical assistance service is a major asset for companies and contributes to increasing revenue alongside the retail business; promoting the sale of technical accessories, apparel and new models.

The new functions require the creation of areas capable of combining
technical efficiency and the communication of company values.
3D Beta supports manufacturers and professionals in the automotive and motorcycle sector, on the path of researching and implementing a solution capable of concentrating these qualities.

Advantages for the customer

Coordinated Image

A modern workshop is a skilful blend
of technical and communication
needs. Furnishings that aid mechanical operations create efficiency. At the same time, they convey the values of the brand to the end user, increasing the volume of turnover.

Guided Quality

A single reference point charged with identifying the best-integrated solutions (furnishings, lifting equipment, systems, and tools) guarantees a uniform standard of quality and contained development times.

Financial Management

In order to increase the level of service further, we have selected a set of financial solutions to cater for different customer needs.


Self-supporting frames contribute to limiting costs related to masonry and systems work. Furthermore, they allow the easy division of workspaces, without the need for plasterboard walls. Power sockets, LAN networks, switches and various services are housed in the frames, limiting work to simply connecting junction boxes.

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